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The Personal IS the Political

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Welcome to Blog Two!  I want to thank everyone who commented on the launch of this valuable new tool, which, as I mentioned, is related to my as-yet-unpublished book Lost and Found in London:  How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me.  The comments were positive – with one exception.  Someone very close to me had a concern.

This thoughtful person felt that I should not combine my political work and website with my self-help-style blog – which might be considered by some as “flaky”.  As you can imagine, this gave me food for thought.  No one, especially in journalism, wants to have this particular “f” word applied to them!  Credibility flies out the door.

However, although I have certainly taken this advice into consideration, I have decided to maintain the connection between website and blog – and hope for the best.  There is an important reason for this.

As I stated in Blog One, we all have several worlds – internal and external – on varying levels.  What is equally important to acknowledge is that the spiritual and tangible are very closely linked.  Actually, they are impossible to de-link, although many have tried.

My premise is that changing your internal world should be done in tandem with adjusting your actions in the external world.  You can’t tell yourself you want to be a more thoughtful, caring person, as you degrade your environment in some way. 

There’s a symbiosis between the internal and the external (and vice versa), which we can’t avoid – for long!  Until next time …


Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Welcome to my blog!  It’s wonderful to have such an immediate way of expressing my thoughts and opinions.  There are no columns to sell to mainly-corporate-controlled newspapers, no publishers/editors/censors to deal with.  Just a direct line to the reader.

First, I want to thank Saskia Wijngaard for her help and inspiration.  We met on a plane heading to Mexico; she offered to guide me through the process of establishing a blog, and she did just that, taking valuable time from her busy schedule. Let me explain why I have called this blog: help2changeourworlds.  I wanted to emphasize the fact that we all face and have to deal with many complex worlds – not simply one, big, amorphous one.  Externally, we are confronted with, at the very least, the worlds of our family, our community, our country, and our planet.  Although we make use of the same general set of skills in our relations with these worlds, they do require different knowledge and perspective.
The same holds true with our internal worlds.  We have our conscious mind, our unconscious, our subconscious, and even our super conscious.  Again, they all demand varying degrees of awareness and understanding, which I will deal with in future blogs.

Even with an understanding of this multi-world concept, changing isn’t all that easy.  Each one of us is the end-product of a lot of programming and imprinting by parents, friends and acquaintances, and society.  It has taken years – day after day after day – to be who and what we are.  We can’t transform ourselves overnight.  We can’t even do it in a matter of weeks or months.  That’s important to remember!  Change is an on-going process.  If you are lucky, it will never end.

This blog is based on my novel Lost and Found in London: How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me, which will be published this year.  Lost and Found deals with my own recent experience when, after having fun for several months in London, England, I ran out of time and money – and had to come up with a viable plan for the future.  (For a full synopsis, go to my website:

I also needed the strength of mind and willpower to follow that plan and get on with a productive and happy life.  Fortunately, I found the right person, who had training in Life Coaching – helping people change for the better.  He taught me a lot about myself and about being human through conversations and exercises.  Now, I want to pass along my learning to you.

We all have a lot of battles to fight in our various worlds and it isn’t always easy.  I’m sure my efforts and experiences can help you!