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Chance Encounters?

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Once in a while – or more often if you are “lucky” – the right person comes along at exactly the right time.  He or she seems made-to-order!  A gift from who knows where.

This is what happened to me in London, not long after U.K. authorities had given me my marching orders.  I had stayed long enough, they advised me, it would soon be time to go.  I loved London and wanted to remain there – so this news hit me hard.  In fact, I began to sound a bit like my namesake Scarlett O’Hara at the end of the film Gone with the Wind: “Where will I go?  What will I do?”  Then, Chris came along. 

After hearing my tale of woe, he offered to help me deal as productively as possible with my situation.  He told me he had professional training in Direction Finding Techniques and something intriguing called Sub-Personality Management.  He invited me to take temporary refuge in his Wimbledon home, which he called The Railway Tracks Hotel, where he would put me through a series of exercises designed to give me a better sense of myself and my future – before going into “exile”.  I accepted!

I had the same right-person, right-time experience recently while flying from Toronto, Canada, to Cozumel, Mexico.  With the help of my brilliant web “master” Bruce Buttimore, I had just launched my website and was thinking of starting a blog to introduce my Chris-inspired book “Lost and Found in London:  How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me”.  Somehow, the perfect person, Saskia Winjgaard, was sitting beside me on the plane.  There, 6 or 7 miles above the earth, she offered me – a complete stranger – her help and support on my blog project, once we returned to our normal lives.  Again, I accepted – and you are reading the result!  

Some people describe such serendipitous meetings as “the universe providing”.  They claim that I sent positive energy vibes out and “attracted” exactly who I needed.  Although this sounds like a tempting scenario to believe in, I haven’t decided whether I can entirely.  What I do know is that the best way to experience life and bring interesting, exciting people into it is to be “out there”, taking risks, exuding enthusiasm and a certain amount of positive energy!  You won’t attract anything momentous sitting at home, watching TV.