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Bye Bye Never Never Land

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

When Chris, whom I had just met, invited me to his home – the Railway Tracks Hotel – for some Directing Finding and other help, I accepted.  You might think this a little daring, even dangerous, but I didn’t think so.

My more sensible self told me that Chris wasn’t a total stranger.  He had been known and respected at the meeting on 21st Century Issues, which we had just attended.  I could ask around before actually moving in!

Also, this arrangement sounded so much better than simply landing at a friend’s house – I had had other kind offers – feeling frantic and miserable. 

Yes, I was desperate to pull myself together, at least to some extent, rather than getting on a plane with little in the form of real plans or goals. 

London had consumed my life and energy in a wonderful way, as I happily spent a small inheritance from a generous, still-living uncle.  But it had also been a kind of Never Never Land – where I had lost touch with reality. 

I had been a female Peter Pan, refusing – or unable – to grow up and accept responsibility.  It had been amazing, but now things had to change – and fast!