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“Rating” Men (Human Beings Actually)

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Chris, the man who became my Life Coach, and I met at a meeting on 21st Century Issues held one evening at the London School of Economics.  In other words, something substantial brought us together – as friends.  It wasn’t just lust across a crowded room!

Years ago, I lived with a charming, fun-loving man I met at the Parliamentary Press Club in Ottawa, Canada.  Our inebriated attraction was instant.  People around us commented on it.  A couple of days later – yes, just a couple – he moved in.  After that, he loved to recount how, on our first encounter, he was “a face on the barroom floor.”  Although it was great fun at first, the relationship was a disaster!

I tell this to explain why my meeting with Chris boded much better.  We first interacted when he chaired a workshop on war and peace.  We were both very much anti-war – and the hideous death and destruction it causes.  It wasn’t a terribly romantic venue, but it meant that we knew exactly where we each stood on a very key issue facing the world.  Once you have something that fundamental in common, there are fewer surprises.

In fact, I have an informal list in my head of men (people) I have little use for – and it’s quite extensive!  Men who promote war, rather than negotiate peace; men who support the genetic modification of plants, animals, and humans without seriously looking at the consequences (The Biotech Century by Jeremy Rifkin); men who aren’t interested in renewable energy and would rather see nuclear plants and waste spread around the globe; men who unsustainably mine, log, and fish (plunder) our finite natural resources.  And that’s just a beginning, a taste!  Sadly, the list grows as I learn more about the planet’s problems. 

When Chris and I ended up in the same elevator after the LSE meeting, I knew that, whatever else I might find out about him, he had passed a very important first test!