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More Editing Nightmares …

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Is it me, or do other writers come across editors who simply don’t respect them?  By this, I mean editors who take a writer’s precious work and words and make changes, without any sort of indication.  So, you get your manuscript back from this so-called editorial expert, and realize there are changes buried here and there … a word distorted, a ridiculous bit of punctuation … This is my second time experiencing this as I try to get my book, Lost and Found in London, published … I’m going to complain to the editorial higher ups.  It must be stopped!  Write on!

Water Under the Bridge!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Yes, lots of water has swooshed its way under whatever bridge is relevant!  I have now signed up with a self-publishing company in the US … Because of my horrendous experience with my Canadian publisher, I won’t mention the name of my latest attempt … in case I want to complain to my virtual audience!  Right now, I’m waiting for the copyedited manuscript I’ve been promised by late this afternoon … I won’t check the clock again … Wish me luck!