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Post-Several Things …

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

If I’ve been silent recently, it’s been for good reason … s.  Mid-December, I cruised through the Caribbean … Puerto Rico, St. Martin, and more … with The Nation magazine.  This meant I combined intellectual and political pursuits with snorkelling … I’m sure you can appreciate that this was an excellent mix for MOI!  After the cruise, I spent two days in New York City dashing from store to store with Lost and Found in London in hand.  Unlike Toronto, the response from the independent bookstores was mildly luke warm, if you get my point.  Barnes and Noble on the other hand was quite welcoming and I’ll report on that later.  It was a great way to BE in NYC … as an author promoting her latest accomplishment.  And then, Christmas with my lawyer/writer brother and part of his family in Toronto, plus my Mum.  It was a good month all in all!  Best of the season to my readers!

Onward Online …

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Now that my books are nicely settled in Toronto and other bookstores (just the beginning, of course), I’ve updated my website … … Another trick in this author’s bag of … So, go to my website and check under Book (yes, really) to find Readers’ Reactions, and Where Available … I love the reactions so far of many friends and others … from my 87-year-old aunt to a businessman in Cairo … Who knew I’d please so many with my words??  Yes!!

The Promo Continues …

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Two weeks into real book time and loving it!  My Kingston book launch was reasonably well attended, including my 91-year-old uncle.  I spent most of my time trying to think of original things to write in people’s newly purchased copies!  I also read to my loyal audience and answered their thoughtful questions … then was asked to read some more!  I took that as a compliment!  Following day I was interviewed for a local CKWS television program Live @5 with a great host, Heather Butts … Now, I’m in Toronto spreading the word!  So far, not one of the independent bookstores I’ve called has said No to stocking my book!  The responses range from wanting to see and read first to taking six copies!  How wonderful to discover that there is such support for new authors out there!!