Back to My Book … My Fate Was Sealed!

After my adventures over the past couple of weeks, I’m ready and eager to return to Lost and Found in London.  For those who have been reading past blogs, you will know that I had met a very wise fellow just before being officially “thrown out” of the UK.  Chris has invited me to his home to help me adjust to my impending exile.  Here is how I felt when I arrived:

Chris took his key and turned it in the lock.  My fate is sealed, I thought, as he opened the door into a dark hall. 

I followed him in without uttering a word and found myself in a small living room dominated by ceiling-high shelves full of books, a computer table covered with papers, and a large, lazy-boy chair.  There were also CDs scattered here and there around a sound system.  It didn’t exactly meet my tidiness standards, but then again, some people think I’m fussy. 

“Can I get you a whiskey?” Chris asked and I nodded with relief.  A mind-dulling liquid seemed mandatory at this point. 

After some light conversation about Chris’s own housing history – he had moved to Wimbledon from a large house in Putney after his marriage failed a few years earlier, he led me upstairs to a guest bedroom with a window overlooking the tracks. 

“The noise from the trains is terrible in the summer,” he told me, “but it isn’t too bad with the windows closed as they are now.  I find that it is good therapy to have a sense of movement nearby.” 

When he had gone downstairs, I took a long, hot bath in the cramped little bathroom and settled into my room with the music of Schubert lulling me to sleep.  Would I really be able to learn anything life-changing in this simple, unpretentious environment with a mystery man?

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    Now that I am back on “track”, why don’t you comment on what you’ve read? Cheers, K

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