Settling Down for Now

Before I get back to the real subject of this blog – my unpublished book Lost and Found in London, I want to move from the joys of travel and living on the edge (in my last blog) to the equivalent joys of staying put with family.

I have been away in Mexico for three months, indulging in everything from the beaches of the Pacific to the heights of Copper Canyon to the frights of Ciudad Juarez.  Now, I am in my hometown with most of my family within a two-hour range.  It feels good.  These are the people I grew up with or, as in the case of my daughter, helped grow up. 

After being surrounded by virtual strangers and enjoying that newness, this familiarity has a different kind of richness I now appreciate even more.

So, in this fast-paced, globalized society, home really is where the heart is!

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