Travelling and Dancing Through Life!

This post, a small diversion from the ongoing saga based on my book Lost and Found in London, has two themes: The first is travelling, seeing this planet, testing one’s courage, stretching one’s soul.  I’m about to do that as I head from the mid-west coast of Mexico, where I’ve been quietly posting past blogs, north to the world famous Copper Canyon – or Canyons, as they should be called. 

I will be taking what is considered one of the most spectacular train trips in the world, winding along deep gorges, crossing great rivers, visiting indigenous villages, and more.  I’ll then make my way from Chihuahua, Mexico, to a small Texas border town – also new and unknown – and eventually back to Canada.  I’m not sure how many blogs I’ll be posting in this kind of environment, but the experience will add inspiration to future efforts!  Especially since I’m going it alone.  No net under this tightrope!

Second, I want to follow up on my recent blog about dancing with an 84-year-old man.  Last night, I moved to another level when this man’s friend, who is 89, invited me to join him on the dance floor.  Easy, I thought, until he started jiving with all his might, flinging and twirling me around.  I was lucky to stay on my feet!  What a guy!  He outshone most men half his age in terms of energy and appreciation of life.  But he had to leave around 11 pm in order to be reasonably fresh for his 8 am tennis game!

Travelling and Dancing … two wonderful ways to maintain one’s right to a brilliant existence.  Here’s to more of both!

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