Where Was the Wimbledon Glamour?

The crowded, dingy Wimbledon Tube Station was nothing to write home about.  Already, I missed the one in Hampstead with its bright tiles and friendly attendants. 

We had to walk several long blocks to get to Chris’s small townhouse, a.k.a. the Railway Tracks Hotel – the RTH, and there wasn’t a tennis court in sight.  So much for Wimbledon glamour! 

With Chris pulling my suitcase-on-wheels and pointing out local landmarks of interest – there weren’t very many – the route seemed endless. When we finally reached a small side road, we turned into a cluster of houses, which the British refer to as a close, headed toward a large fence (obviously hiding the tracks and trains), turned right, and made our way along a narrow, barely-lit path to the townhouse door. 

My long face was brushing against my kneecaps by the time we arrived.

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